Children’s Health

Many parents seek acupuncture and herbal treatment for their child’s recurring health problems that have failed to respond to more conventional treatment. Even kids with a needle phobia, respond to being distracted and notice that their treatment can be painless and even fun.

The secret in our success is understanding your child’s needs at different ages of growth and development. Few children under the age of 5 are able to lie still for more than a couple minutes, so they will generally sit in a parent’s lap while being treated. Older children may either sit or lie down with their parent in the room for reassurance. Dr Mark McAuliffe (Acupuncturist) will treat them with either a laser (completely painless) or use a gentle non-retention needle technique (he inserts the acupuncture needle, manipulates it for a few seconds, then removes it before inserting the next one).

In addition to acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas are often prescribed to continue and amplify the effect of the acupuncture treatment to reach the desired results of better health and wellbeing. Understanding that kids have a low tolerance to anything that tastes “yucky” our herbal medicine can be in pill or capsule form, liquid spray tinctures or syrups, or sometimes adding honey to the formula can make it perfectly palatable.

Children’s Health

In Chinese Medicine, we identify patterns of imbalance through signs and symptoms. We will identify one of several patterns of imbalance that has led to the child’s current condition. For example, “Does your child have a history of paleness, fatigue, weak cough, whiny behaviour, and/or pickiness over food?” Such behaviours point to an underlying deficiency of qi (energy) which the body has been unable to produce in sufficient amounts to ward off illness.

Instead of masking symptoms or waiting for them to go away, acupuncture treatments may stimulate deep healing that can change the way a body functions – improving health conditions in ways that are safe, virtually painless, and without side effects.