Neoclassical Acupuncture

There are many different types and styles of Acupuncture  being practiced around the world. Since 1995 I have studied many different methods of Acupuncture including TCM, Tan,  Master Tung, Zhu scalp, Ear Acupuncture,  Korean and Nagano styles. In late 2021, l came across a system called Neoclassical Acupuncture created by Dr Slate Burris. The revolutionary paradigm shift with this method is that all diagnosis is done by palpating the body to check if the meridians, organs or elements are blocked  or closed and out of flow. Within 3 to 5 minutes the whole body can be assessed by palpation on the body of the elements, extraordinary meridians, meridians and organs with instant feedback from the patient. Why this method is phenomenal, is that through its deep understanding of energetic architecture and structure, the practitioner only needs to place one needle in the patient to get vast energetic changes in the body, which often equates to removal of pain and harmonisation of the subtle energy.

Neoclassical Acupuncture is a revolutionary, palpatory style of acupuncture which provides immediate feedback with each needle placed. What has made it one of the fastest growing styles in Europe and Mexico is its immediate efficacy with very few needles, with no need for ‘recipes’ or ‘point prescriptions.’ Diagnosis and treatment can involve up to 5 different levels: Element, Obstacle, Organ, Meridian.

When treated on the Elemental level, a domino effect takes place which often clears all levels immediately, instantly taking away symptoms with them. The clearing of each of these levels can be immediately verified via palpation and feedback from patient.

One of the keys to the system is the incorporation of the sixth element (often referred to as Ministerial Fire and previously considered as a branch of Fire) which brings into play a more ancient motor of elemental interaction, allowing results which often seem miraculous.  This is result oriented acupuncture at its highest level.

Energetic Engineering, can be defined as understanding the interconnectivity between the meridians and the use of this understanding to open (and close) them at will. Energetic Architecture examines a meta-structure of the meridians with which with one needle all meridians can be opened instantaneously.