Frequently Asked Questions


  • Acupuncture and Oriental  Medicine work with the subtle elemental energy and architecture of the human body through a map of meridians extraordinary meridians which affect our human consciousness . When the mind gets distracted and distressed so that the emotions become agitated this will bind up and cause tension to the physical body and cause disease or suffering or distress to the mind and emotions and internal organs. This brings about disharmony  Acupuncture  treatments allows you to come out of these poisonous mental emotional states  and bring you back into the nature of mind which is an emptiness and clarity state. Sometimes known as mind essence This then cuts through the tensions binding the body relieving you of your signs and symptoms and bringing you back into health with an automatic sense and taste  of presence and awareness.


  • Acupuncture needles can have a certain sensation after they are inserted, but few would call it painful. Over many years l have noticed that people who are very tense, through emotional or mental stress patterns, can perceive  the needles as painful due to their inability to relax. Generally breathing deeply a few times before needle insertion can reduce this perception.
  • By the time all the needles are inserted during a treatment, you generally do not feel any of them and are consumed with a sense of calm and relaxation
  • HICAPS for private health fund rebates is available automatically at our clinic
  • Acupuncture is covered with over 43 private insurance health funds
  • The rebated amount will depend on your private health fund and the type of cover you have

Dry Needling – Mackay

Dry needling in traditional acupuncture practice is generally known as ‘ashi’ acupuncture and has been used for centuries. Ashi can generally be translated as a pain tender point. It is also known as trigger point acupuncture. It represents about 2% of an acupuncturists training.

The Truth About Herbs

The rapid growth rate in the herbal industry presents many practitioners and clients with the complex and confusing task of identifying and selecting high-quality products. While there are reputable companies providing quality herbs, there are also unethical manufacturers selling substandard…