Shoulder, Back + Neck pain shouldn’t ruin your day


Shoulder Back + Neck pain

Right up there with back pain, shoulder and neck pain are the other two most common conditions treated in our acupuncture clinic and medical centres dealing with musculoskeletal problems. Often these three areas of pain are related due to the regional interconnections affected by shared nerves and muscle groups and emotional disharmony.

In both our TCM Clinics – Scott Street Acupuncture, Mackay and Morningside Healing Sanctuary, Brisbane – we have found that the increased use of sitting at a computer has largely contributed to the rise in shoulder, back and neck pain amongst our patients across all ages. Extended periods of time spent sitting in the one position looking at a screen, tapping at the keyboard can lead to a number of aches and pains. Another common contributor to shoulder, back and neck pain that we see is sporting injuries due to knocks, falls, collisions and over exertion of the body. Also feeling stressed, agitation, frustration overwhelm and not being able to meet deadlines can push these areas up causing tightness in the neck and shoulders.


Whatever the cause of your shoulder, back or neck pain, relief can often be found with a wholistic approach to body and mind. Forms of natural therapy such as heat therapy, cupping and bodywork, combined with consecutive acupuncture treatments have traditionally eased the pain, bringing relief to the muscular skeletal system and nervous system.

Shoulder Back + Neck pain

Self-management techniques can be extremely useful for long-term improvement. Techniques like stretching, and exercises to improve the range of motion of the shoulder and neck can be really advantageous. It is advisable to take regular breaks from sitting at the desk or from the repetitive behaviour that has contributed to your shoulder, back or neck pain. Getting up, moving around, stretching your body every 30 minutes can make a significant difference to preventing the condition. Even dietary changes, an increase in water consumption and the introduction of herbal medicine to increase magnesium levels can help to change the physical conditions and emotional responses. Learning to let things be as they are really helps you to relax into the present and not get uptight.

There are over 10,000 studies worldwide showing just how effective acupuncture is for various health conditions. One thing that many of these studies have shown is that consistent treatments for a course of time can bring phenomenal results.

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